Explorers is a global talent program with 150 participants from 19 business units across the whole Lufthansa Group. It aims at developing a network of cultural ambassadors to foster cultural transformation, drive digitalization and shape the future.
On board are 150 driven employees with an agile mindset who want to create a lasting impact on Lufthansa’s corporate culture while building a group-wide and cross-company network.
The program runs for one year, starting in April 2019 and ending in March 2020.
It consists of two platforms – one at the beginning and one at the end of the program year - and a summer camp in between. Of course, the time in between does not go explorers-free. Our participants are asked to commit an average of 5 hours per week to the program (½ working, ½ private time).
On April 11-13, 2019, this year’s explorers generation #explorers11 launched its one-year journey with an incredible kick-off event. Check out the section “Impressions” to view highlights!


Program Overview

The explorers program expands horizons in many different ways and stimulates the agile mindset to make one fit for future challenges within an increasingly volatile working environment.

Participants experience virtual collaboration, deal with diverse cultures from all over the world, and bring inspiring insights from external trendsetters into the Lufthansa Group. They come together with all other explorers and in smaller groups several times throughout the year while working on topics relevant to the Lufthansa Group and driving Lufthansas company culture. There are in-person and virtual trainings to broaden ones horizon on many levels of competence.

Working out Loud (WOL)

Working Out Loud is a method where a person tries to achieve personal goals by networking with people in self-organized peer coaching circles. For this, our explorers spend one hour per week meeting either personally or virtually.

WoL is a method that is designed around a goal you set yourself for 12 weeks. It is based on a set of core principles: Purposeful discovery, generosity & reciprocity, visible work, relationships, and a growth mindset. WoL provides a structured way of building a network of relationships revolving around the purpose and your goal. Weekly exercises help to find ways to build trust and empathy among people to make collaboration work. For more information, please visit workingoutloud.com.
Are you a Lufthansa employee and want to try WOL yourself? Click here.


Throughout the program, the participants are organized within communities and work together on self-designed initiatives to drive digital transformation within Lufthansa Group.

During a Design Thinking Sprint at platform 1, the explorers developed their own initiatives on which they are working on throughout the program year. The goal? To successfully implement them in Lufthansa’s various business units and thus actively shape the future of Lufthansa Group.
To support the explorers in their mission, each community is accompanied by a community coach throughout the year.

Summer Camp

A highlight in this year’s program is the Summer Camp, where Lufthansa is sending our 150 top talents on a mission to inspire and get inspired by external companies.

For up to 5 days, the explorers participants have the opportunity to engage in valuable cross-company exchanges within the context of an external company visit. The target? By coming together to share valuable knowledge and experiences, we enable both sides to foster innovation, develop new competencies and most importantly establish a cross-industry network.


There are several options to find more information:

Contact us via e-mail: explorers(at)dlh.de
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Follow us via the hashtag #explorers11 on all channels
Check out the explorers “life” page on the Lufthansa Group LinkedIn channel
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